Epilogue, the overview of the entire trip

by Ariadne Gallardo Figueroa 

At the end of this part of the work, we can only recapitulate, look back and understand how this whole journey was so passionate and tenacious, waiting for others of equal or greater magnitude.

The story begins with the Crystal Galaxy (Galaxia de Cristal), whose time is the future, that idyllic vision where there is a kind of people who at the end of the day have been thinking the same thing for a long time and suddenly someone comes and says yes, indeed that is what they want and their path is reflected in the stars.

Later, I kept analyzing that there are no spontaneous generations and that it was necessary to review if in a world that has created a valuable and powerful culture of violence and possession, there was room for that other space that I sensed and it was simple to achieve consolidation.

I took on the task of summoning someone with enough vision to give me clues and I found her, she was listening to a beautiful bird precisely at the moment that walking through a forest falls, and her face had a mark for that reason.

With a little groping I put my tools in front of her to see what I was going to do with them, she simply told me that she could not handle what I asked of her because her vision was not totally of this world, on one side she would intuit, and on the other eye, she would observe the reality.

Well then I understood that she was more useful than I imagined and I took her to the remote past, I placed her in the middle of the most horrible devastation that human violence can create and this is how this adventure began, she refused to die, it was not possible to kill her because she kept inside me; impossible to kill the writer.

Thus I concluded Bird Spell (Hechizo de Ave), but she could not let her intuition cease, she, the woman with the intuitive look, told me about a reality that needed to be seen from a more human way, that place where legends and myths were generated, she urged me to break them, to tear them apart and see what was inside each one of them and instead of me giving my the tools to continue, she only threw me into the sea, a violent place that was frozen and well that was the scene where little by little other characters appeared.

Each of them lived in a world that was much more than a historical moment because what they learned there lasted for several centuries later and emerged La Travesía Atemporal (The Timeless Journey), with it new generations were born that with that new vision returned me to the beginning of my life. the first book, to the year 2287.

The woman whom I invoked to help me start all these reflections, was still in my mind, I found her in my dreams with that blood mark on her face, but she was left without saying a word. this intuitive plane or dimension somehow prompted me to continue on foot and alone.

Then I had to do with Another Gaze (Otra Mirada), I wrote a first draft that helped me to start the hard way towards some conclusion if this was possible. That other look was hers and mine, a good participatory work with which she managed to see The Bridge (El Puente) and discover the routes to cross it, I realize that looking in the dark I managed to intuit like her some details that fascinate me.

A hero appears who was a sketch in the first book Galaxia de Cristal (Crystal Galaxy) and he yells at me from far away that I needed to go to see him and understand how everything began in that time that is lost in the space of humans and I moved away with him to the reality that none of us knew in the distant land of the 7 moons called Eggya, in this way appears on the scene Los Inicios The Beginnings (Los Inicios), I definitely had to name it the second chapter, but no one would understand anything if you read it without the order established by my adventurous trip.

If something of what I have said is not taken for granted, you will be correct, the work is fiction with some reality touches, above all, it is my personal vision of the world that I would like to inhabit and that, like Sofía Galafik, the mother of Zila, I can make it grow inside me and in the vastness of my mental universe to share it with others.

Photo «The bird» Pixabay on Pexels.com